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Welcome to The Ultimate Playlist, not your typical music blog. We simply listen to music and we share that music with you guys. Genres generally not important. If it makes us bop our heads about like lunatics, we’ll share it. That’s how we work. We are three very different individuals, two based in Ireland (Sarah & John) and one in Denmark (Patrick), and we love good music.


We won Best Music Blog 2012 at The Irish Blog Awards and made it to the finals of the Irish Web Awards in 2013! We were also finalists in the 2014 Blog Awards and quarter finalists in the Irish Web Awards. We’re finalists in the 2015 Irish Web Awards and have also made the final in the 2015 Blog Awards. We’re not about the awards though. These just kind of happened accidentally. All we are interested in is sharing the best music we can find.


We hope you enjoy!


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Do you like to discover new tracks rather than listen to the same artists everyday? Do you get a thrill from discovering new music? Do you wish you could share this music with the world?


Well why don’t you come and write for TUP? You know the story right? We’re not a business. We’ve all got “proper” jobs that pay the bills. TUP is just our outlet to share our music finds with the world. We don’t write essays. We don’t waste time with reviews (we think the world is intelligent enough to make up their own minds about what they do and do not like). All we do is find good music and share it.


Sounds awesome right? Send us links to three tracks that you think would be TUP worthy and let’s take it from there.